Lincoln Life
   Group Annuity Contract L194475+07

  Auburn University
   Tax Deferred 403(b) and 403(b)(7) Program


Step 1:
Complete the enrollment form found here.

Step 2: Complete a Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA)

An SRA allows automatic pre-tax contributions from your paycheck directly to your account with Lincoln. You can obtain a copy of the SRA at the Human Resources Office or you may complete the SRA on Self Service Banner. Please follow this link for instructions on completing the form: How to Complete a Salary Reduction Agreement . The completed forms should be mailed to the following address:

Human Resources
Auburn University
1550 East Glenn Avenue
Auburn, AL 36849

For questions please contact Aiyisha Adams, Lincoln's vendor representative, at 844-244-1942, 770-774-2073 or You can also contact Lincoln Life's Call Center at 800-341-0441 (Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 7:00PM) .

Interest earned daily

Interest is credited and compounded daily to yield the effective annual rate declared. All interest earned is tax-deferred.

Guarantee of principal
Lincoln Life guarantees the return of principal. The guarantee is based on Lincoln Life's ability to meet its financial obligations.

Administrative charge
No annual administration charge.

Information access

  • Web access at
  • Automated touch-tone phone line - Our toll free service provides access to your account balance, loan, withdrawal, financial, and investment information.
  • Participant statements - You'll receive quarterly participant statements showing your current transactions and account value.
  • Maximum Amount Contributable (MAC) information - At your request, we'll estimate how much you can contribute tax-deferred each year.

Policy loans
Loans may be available under tax deferred annuity plans. The minimum loan amount is $1,000 with a one-time loan setup charge of $50. A competitive interest rate will apply. Outstanding loans will reduce the withdrawal amount.


Systematic Withdrawal Option

This service lets you systematically withdraw predetermined amounts from your contract. You must have a pre-tax vested contract balance of $10,000 at the time of your request and be age 59 1/2, terminated from service, or disabled.

Flexible payout options

  • A lump sum cash distribution.
  • You can choose an annuity option for your lifetime (and your spouse's, if chosen) or for other periods you select.
  • We offer the following annuity payout options:
  • Single life annuity payout;
    • Life annuity payout with payments guaranteed for 10, 15 or 20 years;
    • Joint and survivor annuity payout;
    • Certain annuity payout with payments guaranteed for 10, 15 or 20 years.
  • The Required Minimum Distribution, available at age 70 1/2, lets you preserve most of your money for your heirs while you receive a minimum benefit.

Withdrawal privilege 1
100% withdrawals are available:

  •   In the event of Social Security disability of participant.
  •   In case of financial hardship
  •   At separation from service.
  •   After age 59 ½
  •   In the event of death of participant

You may transfer up to 20% of your account balance once every calendar year or by notifying Lincoln Life that you wish to liquidate your account. You may transfer your money at no charge in five annual payments equal to 20%, 25%, 33 1/3%, 50% and 100% of your account balance. IRS restrictions may apply.

1 If your earnings were credited after December 31, 1988, to salary deferral contributions, they may not be withdrawn for financial hardship reasons. Some other withdrawals may be restricted or subject to a 10% federal excise tax.
The information is provided for educational purposes only and was not designed as advice regarding your personal financial circumstances. You should consult with an investment adviser, tax attorney, or qualified accountant before making investment or distribution decisions.